Jordyn's resume includes hosting live events as well as television, print and runway work. She is a swimsuit pageant winner, been seen in national magazines, the famous- Internationally selling Hooters Calendar and has represented on national pageant stages. After completing her studies at Boise State University for Communications, Jordyn signed on to Safety Child Program where she has a position that provides her flexibility to pursue her love for modeling, acting and media arts. She credits local Boise photographers for her successful start in the modeling industry, working in a smaller market gave her the first push through the door. She now works on jobs all across the country. Jordyn is a popular photographers' model with the talent, poise and social graces necessary for successful public appearances and productive photo shoots. 

     In addition to modeling, Jordyn has many other hobbies including Archery, Culinary Arts, Video Production, Karaoke and Pageants- all of which she has developed skills for over the years. Her present focus is on pageantry where she currently holds the title of Miss Westlake Village USA (2019). In addition to her hobbies, Jordyn has also found a passion on spreading awareness on Skin Cancer and Sun Safety. In 2018, Jordyn had to have multiple surgeries to remove precancerous areas on her skin. In the same year, her mother was diagnosed with Squamish Cell Carcinoma and her grandfather with Melanoma. She uses her live appearances and social media to promote the importance of using SPF and regularly seeing a dermatologist in hopes to share her experience and inspire cancer prevention.


Jordyn Chessmore

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